• As we age, remember the golden rule: More Skincare and Less Makeup. Don’t cover issues with a proverbial band-aid! Skincare to treat; makeup to enhance.
  • If you are having a problem with blemishes, take essential precautions including using disposable latex makeup sponges each day, washing makeup brushes daily, laundering pillow cases daily, cleaning phone with alcohol swabs and never sharing makeup with others.
  • Cleanse, tone & moisturize morning AND night and use a warm, wet washcloth to remove cleanser for the cleanest, smoothest skin. The cleanser’s job is to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup but a washcloth’s job is to wipe that cleanser and debris away. When you mop the floor, the job is not complete until you remove the soapy, dirty water from the floor and likewise, when you clean your face, the job is not complete until all cleanser & pore residue is wiped away.
  • Picking a blemish or blackhead ONLY MAKES IT WORSE! Even a pro cannot extract her own pores–it is impossible to get the right angle so while some pore junk may come out, you are likely pushing more junk back in. Even worse, poking at a blemish results in a bruise that will last weeks or more. Instead, use a Kaolin & Bentonite Clay Masque to absorb impurities and zap zits.
  • SUNSCREEN is crucial even on cloudy days. UVA rays–the ones that cause aging by deteriorating the skin structure–are attacking the skin even on dreary days. SPF every morning for younger, healthier skin for life.
  • Avoid SD Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Shellac, Formaldehyde, Benzoyl Peroxide & Parrafin. What you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream, so make sure you are choosing gentle ingredients.
  • SHADES–not just for fashion! Wear them everyday, whether they are from the hottest designer or the hottest knockoff artist–they prevent squinting which causes wrinkles. On that note, time for an eye exam asap!