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As a professional esthetician and long-time safe-ingredient enthusiast, I am so flattered that so many of my clients simply trust my advice and product recommendations! That being said, isn’t it so exciting and encouraging to read the reviews of others before spending your hard-earned money on another skincare or beauty product…because let’s face it, we all have “that” drawer of products that seemed like a good idea at the time but they just didn’t deliver! My hope is that these testimonials, along with my professional advice, will help you to feel extremely confident in your decision to choose Beautycounter products. The results, safety, style and chicness is simply unparalleled!

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“I will be first to say that I was super hesitant to purchase this product. I thought it was probably a rip off and probably wasn’t going to work for my skin that is prone to acne. When my face was extremely broken out I was at my last resort. I would try anything. With my first use of the Nourishing Face Collection, my skin felt like it had never before…it felt clean! Within a day if using this my redness decreased so greatly, my sister noticed. My face currently still has a few problem spots, but they are going away! I cannot recommend this product enough, worth every penny!” ~ Jessica Jaros, Montgomery, TX

“Oh the joys of mid-30 skin. The occasional breakout, the very unwelcome presence of horizontal lines stretching across my forehead, and my new favorite…dullness. After the launch of Beautycounter, I waited months before giving it a try. Would it be worth the price? Being a stay-at-home mom and living on one income, there only so many extra dollars per month. Since I’ve already tried everything else, including dermatologist prescribed products with expensive co-pays, would it live up to the hype and could I risk paying that much for another line of products that I would toss in the trash? So I waited for Santa. During a holiday sale my personal Santa bought me a Nourishing Cream Cleanser, Gentle Exfoliator, Nourishing Day Cream, Nourishing Night Cream, Lip Sheer, and because Santa spent over $150, I received a free Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm. This free gift…DIVINE INTERVENTION. It is, by far, my favorite product. It goes on like silk and makes my skin sing. It is perfect on those nights when sleep is winning the battle over my bedtime routine. Rub it on and wipe it off with a hot, wet cloth. Done. What has surprised me the most about the Beautycounter line is how quickly you notice the results. The dullness and overall health of my skin improved in one week of use. But is it worth the price? For me…it is. Because I believe that the most expensive products, are the ones we throw away. It may not be the only health-conscience skin care line out there, but from now on, it’s the only one for me.” ~ Ginny Cain, Pittsburgh, PA

“I got my products on Friday! I have been using the Nourishing Face Collection and Hydrating Face Oil since Sunday night, and I know this sounds crazy but I see a huge difference already. No kidding! My skin is less red, less blotchy, and so much smoother.” ~ Giovannina Caprara, Pittsburgh, PA

“I feel like I need to express how much of a difference it’s made in less than a week of using Beautycounter…I don’t even know where to begin. My face is softer, without being oily, and as a person with oily skin all my life, let me just say the struggle is real when it comes to finding a product that doesn’t cause me to break out. Not one breakout. I can already see a difference in how much gunk was in my pores. I love the Tint Skin and retractable complexion coverage brush! I have never been a person who has felt confident in my skin, especially the older I’ve gotten, but I feel like I can put this on and walk out of my house without looking dead. I love these products and can’t wait to incorporate more into my daily routine.” ~ Vicki Welch, Houston, TX, after using the Nourishing Face Collection & Balancing Face Oil, plus the Tint Skin and Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush.

“I just wanted to give you an update on how the Nourishing Face Collection products are working for me–I absolutely love them! I loved Nutrimetics so when you started endorsing Beautycounter, I had my doubts about trying something new. You weren’t a sales person but you were a friend that truly believed in something and you were right! I get so many compliments on my skin and it’s never oily or over washed but rather it’s just right. My face feels clean and refreshed and I couldn’t ask for a better product!” ~ Kasey Boles, Houston, TX

“I cannot begin to tell you what Beautycounter has done for me. I used something called Osmia Organics in the beginning when I first got Perioral Dermatitis and it helped with the dermatitis a lot but I was still having other issues with my skin and it was very frustrating. Beautycounter has been a God send. I couldn’t open my mouth mouth wide or I had huge cracks and bleeding. The doctor gave me [a steroid prescription and antibiotic] but I never took it because it always upset my stomach. I have not had one sign of the perioral dermatitis since being on Beautycounter.” ~ Meredith U., Montgomery, TX (loving all of her Beautycounter skincare, bodycare, kids line, cosmetics and more after spending years and a small fortune on expensive hiqh quality products that didn’t work).

“I cannot begin to tell you what BC has done for me. I used something called —– Organics in the beginning when I first got Perioral Dermatitis and it helped with the dermatitis a lot but I was still having other issues with my skin and it was very frustrating. Beautycounter has been a God send. At that “time” of the month I do experience oilier skin and more blackheads but if I don’t pick and wash my face am and pm religiously it calms down within a few days. I couldn’t open my mouth mouth wide or I had huge cracks and bleeding. The doctor gave me a prescription steroid and antibiotic but I never took it because it always upset my stomach. I still have a almost full prescription in my cabinet. I have not had one sign of the perioral dermatitis since being on Beautycounter.” ~ Meredith U., Montgomery, TX (After years of spending a small fortune on high-quality products that didn’t work for her, she is loving the Beautycounter skincare, cosmetics, body care and kids line.)

“I received my Rejuvenating Collectionlast Thursday and I’m loving it!!! I am so excited!!!! I’ve never used a whole line that at least one thing didn’t break me out, even Origins couldn’t do that! This is the first eye cream that has NEVER burned my under eye or lids! Other companies would always say, ‘It’s ok, it’ll get better, it’s suppose to burn, that means its working.’ Haha..yeah right!” ~ Karla Terrell, Menard, TX

“Wow! I love my Beautycounter Shampoo and Conditioner! I just used it for the first time– my hair is long and reaches my bottom. After just using a dime size amount of the Beautycounter shampoo it was super soft and I could run my fingers through it WHICH NEVER happens when I’ve used Herbal Essence, Pantene or Garnier Fruitis! Not to mention it smells AMAZING! I then used just a dime sized amount of conditioner and my hair has never felt so fresh!!! I’ve always had to use a palm full because I have so much hair but this stuff is fantastic!!!!!” ~ Amber Haygood, Houston, TX

“Just wanted to give you some additional feedback on the Shampoo & Conditioner. I absolutely love these two. They are better than anything I have ever purchased at a salon. I would have never believed they are this great if I had not tried them myself.” ~ Cindy Warner, Butler, PA

“I just received my Christmas present to myself in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! I finally ditched my old face wash about a week ago that I had been using for years. It was filled with harsh chemicals, but I thought it was the only thing that would keep my face clear. After just 2 days of using the Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Cleanser followed by the Rosewater Mist as my toner, and the Nourishing Day Cream, MY SKIN FEELS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! All of the products smell awesome, and the Hydrating Cream is absolutely the perfect light weight moisturizer on my combination skin. I ordered all of the body products as well and I CAN’T WAIT to get them in the mail!! I’m absolutely thrilled and SOLD!! NO MORE CHEMICALS AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! — Order from Emilie- she knows what she’s talking about!” ~ Janna Boston, Denver, CO

“My skin is usually oily and breaks out often. So I wasn’t sure about all the moisturizers and oils but I’m getting older so I knew I needed to stop using the clean and clear and start taking care of my skin. I love it! I smother the Nourishing Day Cream and Face Oil on my face morning and night and I am not oily anymore! I still have a few breakouts on occasion but that is more hormonal and at least now I’m not drying out my aging skin.” ~ Candace Lambard, Montgomery, TX

“I’ve battled breakouts and acne forever and a day. I’ve been able to maintain clearer skin with the Nourishing Face Collection, along with reducing dairy, & changing my pillowcase every other night. I, too, was hesitant to use the Balancing Face Oil on my face, but it has been great. It doesn’t make my skin oily (in fact I think it’s helped to balance it more). I do really like these products!” ~ Jen Borasso, Colombus, OH

“I am OBSESSED with Beautycounter! I have acne prone/combination skin. I get really dry in the Winter and oily in the Summer. Since I started using Nourishing Face Collection, I’ve had no dryness and my skin feels so soft. I do get a pimple here and there but that’s no different than the stuff I was using from my dermatologist.” ~ Marilyn Banyas, Pittsburgh, PA

“I really like Beautycounter. I have always had blackheads all over my nose, and have noticed a huge difference in my pores since I started using it. The Gentle Exfoliator is a must! Also, just got the new Lip Conditioner Peppermint Balm, and I love it! Great for the dry Pittsburgh weather!” ~ Kristin Fischman, Pittsburgh, PA

“Love my Beautycounter! I had semi-dry skin and larger pores and my skin is soooo smooth and not dry even in this Pittsburgh winter weather!! Ordering more this weekend! I want that Peppermint Lip Conditioner! ~Jackie Shorts, Butler, PA

“My skin is amazing now as a result of the Nourishing Face Collection. I’m still prone to an occasional breakout or two but mainly because I wasn’t following my routine.” ~ Kristie Seale, The Woodlands, TX

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