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My passion is skincare, but more importantly sharing what I have learned in the past 18 years about the skin with others, because the best gifts that I can provide are those of healthy, radiant skin and peace of mind.  Healthy skin leads to self-confidence, so that our inner beauty can radiate outwardly.  I follow a simple philosophy of GRACE:

Giving Reliable Anti-Aging & Complexion Education

I have been helping clients select the right skincare, cosmetics and body care products since 1999 and safer, healthier ingredients have always been my priority, along with results. As someone who has experienced severe sensitivity and reactions, as well as adult acne, I know the challenges that we can face and the way that they can impact our self-confidence and self-image. When I decided to close my office in order to become a stay at home mom to my precious daughter, London Sophia, I was torn because I knew that my clients would continue to need help with their skincare needs and I absolutely love my career. Just before London was born, I aligned myself with a start-up beauty brand called Beautycounter. They focused on unprecedented safety standards, transparency the the beauty industry has always lacked and superior results and performance–it was exactly what I had always been looking for. Never did I imagine at that time in 2013 just how explosive this company and my personal business would become in 4 short years, but I am thankful for the opportunity to make an impact in my community, throughout the US and here in my home, with my own husband and children. I love that we no longer have to choose between career and family, safety and performance, work and fun. We can have it all. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference, let’s talk. I joined Beautycounter because I wanted to be a part of the solution and that is exactly what we are doing!

~Emilie Spruill Licensed Esthetician & Safer Spray Tanning Specialist