Beautycounter’s Christy Coleman Honored in W Magazine

W Magazine describes itself as the home for The Who, What, Where, When, and Why in the world of fashion and style…and this month W Magazine is honoring Beautycounter’s Head of Creative Design [and curator of all things beautiful], Christy Coleman while offering a sneak peak of the new color cosmetics line that Christy designed for Beautycounter, set to be released October 15, 2014.

The W Magazine article features Coleman as one of Beauty’s next big stars, but based on her resume and portfolio, she has been a star long before this flattering feature. As beautiful inside as she is outside, Christy exudes the cool confidence that any celebrity model, actress or designer is seeking in a professional makeup artist, but it’s her intellect and attention to detail that make her the perfect person to design the incredibly high-performing yet ultra-safe and clean products that are the heart of Beautycounter.

After reading the book Not Just a Pretty Face several years ago, and after losing her father to ALS, this native Texan turned Venice Beach native became committed to cleaning up her makeup kit, vowing to use the safest products and ingredients that she could find. Since she never was able to find the perfect collection of truly safe and effective products, she and Gregg Renfrew, along with environmental health & safety specialist Mia Davis, set out to create them from scratch. The skincare, bodycare, antiaging and kids products that they have debuted thus far since Beautycounter launched in March 2013 have been wildly successful, but Beautycounter devotees have been patiently awaiting a full color Cosmetics range…and soon, that wait will pay off as Beautycounter launches an almost complete Cosmetics line this very month.

An interesting fact is that Beautycounter was set to release this Color Cosmetics line in Fall 2013, but despite impressive performance, the products didn’t quite pass the company’s strict safety standards, what they actually believe are the strictest safety standards in the industry. Coleman and Davis went back to the drawing board and literally searched the world for the perfect manufacturer that could deliver exactly what they required and they would accept nothing less. I was fortunate enough to receive a selection of these gorgeous products when visiting with Christy and the entire Beautycounter corporate team last month, and I am completely impressed and head over heels in love with it all! I have never been so excited to have a full trashbin of old toxic cosmetics–including ones that I thought for years were safe from “mineral” powders to fragrance-laden junk. And like Christy herself, the packaging is just as fantastic as the content itself–chic, sexy and sophisticated.

Sometimes, there is just no better feeling than starting over fresh. Out with the old (toxic junk) and in with the new (cosmetics pot of gold).

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