Best Bang For Your Buck Burrito Bowls!

Pics do no justice!

Pics do no justice!

So it seems inevitable that when we are just due slightly overdue to head to the grocery store, my husband will ask, “What are you planning for dinner, babe?” At this point, I must admit that I will always suggest Rice & Beans although I’m secretly hoping my husband will politely decline! Despite the fact that brown rice and beans are extremely nutritious, healthy, inexpensive and are always in my pantry, to be honest, I do not enjoy them much at all–until today!

And full disclosure, as soon as I was able to start writing this entry, my 5 month old woke up to nurse, so I am truly multi-tasking as I type! This one will be short and sweet!

2 cups dry pinto beans, which makes 4 cups cooked
1 cup dry brown rice, which makes about 2 cups cooked
1 can rotel diced tomatoes with cilantro and lime (or one large diced tomato + cilantro and lime juice!)
1 diced onion
3 cloves minced garlic (I used the jarred stuff!)
2 tbsp grapeseed oil
1/2 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp cinnamon
3 tsp sea salt
1 veggie boullion cube + 2 cups bowling water (or 2 cups veggie stock)
Tofutti Sour Cream (optional but delicious)
Shredded iceberg lettuce
Sliced Avocado

First, cover the dry pinto beans with 2 inches of water and simmer for about 75 minutes. Next, prepare the brown rice as instructed.

In a large and deep skillet, heat the grapeseed oil and the spices for about a minute. Add the diced onion and saute until softened, about 2 minutes. Add the garlic and continue to saute. After 5 minutes, add the pinto beans and rice, plus the 2 cups of veggie stock and the mostly strained can of tomatoes. Simmer on low-medium heat for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently to prevent sticking. I like to keep the consistency just slightly soupy, like a thick stew, as opposed to more dry.

Looks almost like vegetarian jambalaya!

Looks almost like vegetarian jambalaya!

This recipe should make 4 generous sized burrito bowls. Top with shredded lettuce, sour cream or Tofutti sour cream and sliced avocado.

My carnivore 11 year old stepson told me that this has instantly surpassed my baked “fried” chicken tenders–the only meat that I ever prepare–as his favorite and he requested it for his birthday! That is about the best compliment his sweet little heart can give!

This dish probably cost me no more than $5 for the entire meal and was packed full of protein and fiber! This meal is vegan and gluten-free, of course and has all of the flavor of your favorite Mexican food restaurant without the grease, fat or absolutely addictive and bottomless basket of tortilla chips!

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