Baby Bella Salad!

I have perfected the art of making salads at home–almost to the degree that I am often disappointed when I order a salad at a restaurant! Since moving to TX six years ago, I met plenty of guys who were just plain offended when they learned that I am a nearly life-long vegetarian (technically pescetarian). It reminds me of a quote that I once saw Texas-born Dan Rather make on a late night talk show interview, “Salad is what food eats!” One of the things that is most pleasing to me about my sweet husband is that he is a born and raised Texan and has the sexy drawl to prove it, but he actually respects, embraces and drives my healthy eating lifestyle. This is one of our favorite salads and since the addition last week of baby bella slices, he has repeatedly requested it for dinner! His ten-year old mini even ate it up this evening!

Your new favorite salad!

Your new favorite salad!

Side note: making salads at home rather than eating out is such a great idea because it’s the perfect way to portion control so that your healthy meal doesn’t turn into a diet sabotage before you can say “dressing on the side”. You can add on fun and delicious accoutrements like feta, walnuts or dried cranberries in moderation so that your salad actually benefits your swimsuit goals instead of destroying them like some restaurant salads can! Don’t be fooled into thinking that restaurant salads are always healthy choices–one of my formerly favorite salads was from T.G.I. Fridays and packed on 1360 calories–more than are in a Whopper!!!

Here’s your simple instructions and I encourage you to be creative with your add-ons!

~First, I thoroughly wash and slice Baby Portabella Mushrooms. I saute them on medium in a non-stick skillet with some EVOO or EV Coconut Oil (just a bit), light Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper. Use a wooden spoon to toss periodically.
~While the shrooms are sauteing, I add Organic Spring Greens (I alternate between the Organic Red Leaf Lettuce and the pre-washed containers of Organic Spring Greens or Baby Spinach if I’m feeling a bit lazy).
~Chop your veggies and add them to the greens: Ideas include Yellow Bell Pepper (or Orange if you prefer), Cucumber, and four Cherry or Grape tomatoes (no chopping required).
~Add the fun stuff! Tonight I used just a few crumbles of Organic Feta, a few Dried Cranberries, a dusting of Organic Sunflower Seeds, a dozen or so Pecans (walnuts also work great) and a few slices of Avocado for some healthy fats and Skin-loving Omegas!
~Finally, the mushrooms are done when they begin to look cooked rather than raw–pretty simple!
~My favorite finishing touch is a few pieces of fruit–choose from Strawberry Slices, Blueberries or Mandarin slices!

Now for the dressing–I suggest a Balsamic Vinagrette, but be sure that whatever you are choosing contains NO MSG (most commercial ranch dressings do unless you choose Organic), and is not too high in sugar. I lightly drizzle but to be honest, this salad is so delicious, you just might find yourself skipping the dressing and using those calories on some dark chocolate later! It really is that good!

Enjoy your new favorite salad! Buon appetite!

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