Beautycounter Launch Houston, TX

wouldn't you like to know everything that's in your product?

wouldn’t you like to know everything that’s in your product?

What a fantastic, refreshing and inspiring event last night in Houston, TX! The feedback has been incredible about what a classy job the entire Beautycounter team did putting together the event, and it’s refreshing to see so many women and men becoming passionate about making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. Beautycounter’s mission is simple: personal care products–from skincare to bodycare to a forthcoming cosmetic line–that is free of toxic chemicals that are linked to health issues like autism and cancer. Their criteria is impressive: all products must be SAFE / EFFECTIVE / CHIC / AFFORDABLE.

As an esthetician, and someone who truly lives and breathes skincare, and also a self-proclaimed ingredient snob, I am elated to have found a fabulous product line that meets my high standards for myself and my clients, and is so firmly committed to an even greater social movement mission of changing the horrifically low standards of the current US Cosmetics Industry. From our CEO Gregg Renfrew, who is a mom and entrepreneur, to our VP of Creative Christy Coleman, who has been on a mission to revolutionize the world of celebrity makeup artistry and make it more green, to our VP of Sales, Gina Murphy, who is a sharp and honest businesswoman, the entire team is an energizing force who collectively inspire and motivate me like I haven’t been motivated in some time!

I can’t wait to hear my clients’ feedback as we grow our line (we now offer skincare, luxury anti-aging/ lustro oils, and bodycare). Nothing brings me more joy than hearing that our products and my services/ recommendations are making a difference! It’s my life’s work and I’m grateful to be able to do it each day! If you know someone who is passionate about making safer choices when it comes to what they put into their bloodstream, either because they’ve been fighting cancer or they are simply wanting to remain healthy and happy, thank you for passing along my online store and this blog so they can follow my updates! I would love to offer them a consultation!

I wish you happiness and healthiness!

100% class from the team to the display!

100% class from the team to the display!

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