Spray Tanning…Myth Busting Style

Whether you seek tan lines or none, achieve the perfect beach-ready glow without the danger or damage caused by sun or tanning beds with a customized luxury Spray Tan. Spray Tanning is not a new option but it’s shocking how many gals and guys out there have never yet been personally sprayed!  Each week, as I spray new clients, they are amazed at the near-instantaneous transformation upon seeing their newly tanned skin in the mirror post-spray.  What I have learned is that there are a plethora of misconceptions out there that prevent people from trying out this fabulous service but once they try it for themselves, they are hooked just like I was!

As an esthetician, skin-friendly ingredients, products and services are at the very top of my priority list. Obviously, even occasionally tanning in the  dangerous UV beds or the equally damaging sunshine has absolutely become a thing of the extremely distant past for me, but it was not until a few years ago that I realized there was an alternative–a safe, affordable, glow-ensuring alternative!  A dear friend of mine started her own Spray Tanning mobile business and I was one of her first subjects.  I patiently endured a variety of formulas and brands of solution–there are literally hundreds to choose from.  On occasion, I did end up streaky or unnatural looking, but that was a part of the trial and error process.  Two years later, she is an absolute pro with goof-proof solutions and I eventually could not resist but to offer this same fabulous service to my own skincare clients!  Spray tanning is the only safe tanning–esthetician-approved!  My spray tanning business was then launched!

Spray Tanning Before After

Go from pasty to sun-kissed in minutes!

So now to clear up some of the misconceptions:

Myth #1) Doesn’t the formula stink?

Truth #1) While there are a ton of stinky formulas on the market, the solutions that I choose are either unscented or scented with a gorgeous and alluring temporary scent that my clients absolutely love!  But it never smells like “a Spray Tan”!

Myth #2) Doesn’t Spray Tanning make you turn orange and/or streaky?

Truth #2) Absolutely NOT necessarily–unless your spray technician is using one of the myriad of not-so-great solutions that are out there.  This question reminds me of if someone were to ask if going blonde would leave her brassy or if going red would make her hair look orange–the answer is that it could, but not if a trained and experienced professional is applying an exceptional, well-chosen formula.  The same is true with Spray Tanning.  I wish I could say that every spray tan is created equally, but if you watched the 2012 Presidential Election or any recent major awards show, you will find that they simply are not.  Best bet–stay away from the booths and visit a trained professional who knows her stuff!

Myth #3) I can’t afford to Spray Tan regularly!

Truth #3) If you desire to have a healthy glow, you can’t afford NOT to Spray Tan!

Surely you’ve heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  It is expensive to delay proper skin care until the aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, and hyperpigmentation has literally, taken it’s mark.  Global Industry Analysts projects that Baby-Boomers will push the US anti-aging product market from $80 billion currently to more than $114 billion by 2015.  As an esthetician, I applaud so many Americans for investing in their skin–but remember: given the choice, your money is far better spent on Spray Tans and quality SPF than it is on the expensive procedures that may reduce damage after the fact.  And if you are currently one of the millions of Americans who have had moles removed, skin cancer treated or fillers or anti-wrinkle solutions injected, you can’t afford not to protect your investment by achieving your gorgeous bronze color safely and conveniently with a customized skin-friendly spray tan.  I personally offer studio and mobile pricing, unbeatable monthly membership rates that will literally leave you tan year-round for a fraction of the cost and free Sprays for new client referrals!  Click here for more info!

Host a Spray Tan Party Today!

Host a Spray Tan Party Today!

Green bikini Spray Tan spray tan party 3

As you can see, Spray Tanning will not leave you orange, streaky, stinky or broke!  In fact, my hottest service is Spray Soirees–a fun girls’ night or afternoon in where I spray a party of 5-10 friends on average using my super convenient mobile tent and equipment!  In just about 10 minutes each, you are left with a beautiful glow–your friends will think you just returned from the beach house!  And while some of my Spray Soiree hostesses will serve light refreshments, they aren’t required and it couldn’t be easier!  Everyone gets a discount on their Spray, they have FUN and the hostess is typically sprayed for 50% off or even FREE for larger parties!  Perfect for brides, birthdays, prom/homecoming, and especially for busy professionals who just don’t have time or interest in laying out in the sun!  Year-round, I promise you will love your Spray Tan and you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long!

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